Cymon Allfrey

Registered Architect/Director

Architecture may be his career and passion, but Cymon doesn’t allow the long hours to restrict the time he spends with wife, Angela and daughters, Grace and Georgia; or the time he has to spend watching cricket and drinking a good pinot!

Like any parent, Cymon endeavours to create as many experiences and memories for his family as possible and with a shared thirst for adventure and travel, enjoys the opportunity to share such experiences with them around the world. It is during these adventures that Cymon has the chance to blend family and career. Whilst travelling, Cymon appreciates architecture through a different lens and strives to experience as many architectural moments as he can – although this can require some compromise with shopping trips often a higher priority for his girls.

As an architect, Cymon is a very visual person, heavily influenced by the experiences he has, the architecture he encounters, and the way he personally responds to it. He believes that architecture is as much about the emotive response as the physical ‘built form’ and the integrity of architecture is what he is truly passionate about.

Cymon brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice and allows his experience to help inform his designs. He enjoys connecting with clients beyond the project, establishing relationships and allowing this to inform his design. Cymon is dedicated to ensuring his designs enhance the way his clients live, work and play.

Craig South

Registered Architect/Principal

As a father to three girls, Craig’s life revolves around not just work but the girls’ sports and of course keeping up with the latest boybands. A devoted family man, Craig spends his weekends and evenings at hockey practices, swimming trainings and school performances although still manages to find time to challenge himself on a mountain bike or a quick run.

Passionate about architecture, family trips around New Zealand often become re-routed in order to visit a Historic Building or new project. Keen to get his girls involved, when working from home in the weekends Craig encourages them to join him at the table, sketching their own dream homes. By introducing architectural terms and phrases to his family, Craig hopes to develop their appreciation from a young age and ensure they are as excited about their architecture themed holidays as he is.

Craig’s dedication to the perfect design means a lot of time is spent sketching and deliberating new ideas in order to reach the end goal, a pinot on the terrace celebrating a job well done. As, at the heart of it, an architects job is to provide shelter and security, Craig endeavours to discover all he can about the people requiring the shelter. Be it high-end or social housing, Craig’s designs are created specifically for the client’s needs. He finds the uniqueness of the client and what they bring to the process combined with the creativity of the design is what produces the uniqueness of the architecture and the suitable solution.

Keen to drive the business forward, Craig is familiar with the latest architecture trends, techniques and news, uniting contemporary architecture and enduring design.

Don Roy

Design Manager

A keen adventurer, Don fills his weekends with road trips into the bush, roaming around the Port Hills and taking his motorbike for a spin, accompanied by beloved dog Bruce. A man of many talents, Don is a whizz in the kitchen and most Sundays are dedicated to cooking for his partner and family, impressing them with new creations. Don brings a warmth and unique sense of humour to every situation, ensuring there is never a dull day in the office. Possessing unique creative talents, Don was destined to be involved in design. In fact, at four years old he dreamed of being an architect; either that or a train driver!

While fascinated by the entire architectural process, from pencil drawing to built-form, Don is in his element meeting the client, taking their brief, unpacking and interpreting their needs and creating a design. Filled with a passion for creative and unique architecture, Don’s designs demonstrate an understanding that what the client has asked for is not always what they want. Although the design process can be a long one, often with many variations and modifications, Don is always impressed by how often the first parti drawings can be seen so clearly in the finished product. With so much trust put in our designers, Don is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for our clients and feels privileged to be part of their design journey.

Abby Butler

Technical Manager

Raised in a small country town, Abby has maintained a close relationship with her tight knit family – values she is installing in her son. Although now living in the city, Abby is still very much at home on the family farm, helping her parents run their horse trekking business on weekends. An avid netballer, Abby now prefers the warmth of an indoor court on a weeknight so winter Saturdays can be spent watching both her son and her partner play rugby. Keen to explore the world, Abby has already spent time in USA, Australia and Fiji and her travel bucket list expands weekly. The architectural beauty of Rome remains top of the list and Abby is eager to make that travel dream a reality soon.

After beginning her career in architecture technology, Abby developed an appreciation for detail. Although she enjoys the entire process, from sketch to built-form, it is perfecting the details that is her obsession. The quality of the details can drastically change the end result, effecting whether the finished product is what the client originally envisaged. Abby enjoys the opportunity to fill the gaps between the design and technical team, ensuring the end product is what the designer intended. She takes great pride in sharing her work with her family, taking the time to point out projects she has been involved with throughout the city. Abby loves the thought that she is helping to shape Christchurch’s cityscape, providing new buildings that will be admired for many years to come.

Meghan Heath

Office Administrator

After completing a degree in Primary Teaching, Meghan decided she was ready for a new challenge. Quickly discovering that coordinating a team of architects and designers often requires similar skills used to educate 5 year olds! Although most of her time is spent at the front desk, Meghan knows her most important task is to ensure Cymon always has a coffee (or pinot) in his hand! Bringing a diverse range of skills to the team, Meghan is as at home answering phones and chatting to clients as she is managing team building events and social functions.

With a love for good food and for cooking, Meghan spends her time cooking for family and friends, dining out in the city or day dreaming about what she will cook next. Although she does enjoy sharing her passion for food with the team, some would prefer that meant simply brining food to share and not organising team events where everyone must cook!

Doug Johnson

Practice Manager

After living in multiple countries around the world, including China, USA and Thailand, Doug settled in Christchurch with his family some years ago. However, the thick Montana accent and cattle rancher attitude remains! A keen tramper, Doug was drawn to New Zealand’s unique landscape, and although enjoying many outdoor pursuits together, it is tennis that his boys excel at. A sport requiring a lot of dedication not only from the boys but from Doug and his wife juggling pick-ups and drop-offs every other day.

Architecture has always interested Doug; in fact, it was his original choice for a career path. However, upon learning an engineer would earn a higher starting salary, his teenage logic deemed engineering the much preferable option. As it turns out, Doug has since recognised his complete lack of design flair and creativeness and probably wouldn’t have been a particularly successful architect after all! Instead his passion lies in the business side of the practice, ensuring he is the counterbalance to the creative members of the team; providing a number focused, logical view to help make all the pieces of the design puzzle fit together. Working in the design industry has allowed Doug to acquire a heightened awareness and appreciation of architecture both locally and internationally, an enjoyment he is endeavouring to share with his family.

Doug maintains a genuine interest in all of our projects and although not directly involved in the design process, is excited to be part of making our clients dreams come true.

Brad McFarlane

Senior Technician

Brad has been a part of the CAA family for many years, after a brief hiatus he is back and working in a contractor role. And we are happy to have him back! His expertise in co-ordinating teams in large projects makes him a valuable asset to the team. His experience ranges from small alterations through to large scale commercial projects which means he has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than happy to share with our junior members of staff.

Rain, Hail or Shine; Brad will, without fail, arrive to work on his bike! In fact it is unusual for Brad not to be on his bike; weekends are spent with his family in the great outdoors, often cycling up in the Port Hills or participating in the occasional marathon! Although so far he has remained dedicated to his pledge to only drink one cup of coffee a day, we wait in eager anticipation for the day he indulges in two!

Rob Hull

Senior Technician

Chatty and social, Rob is an entertaining person to have in the office! Although now working in a contracting role, his weekly visits to the office ensure we never have a chance to miss him! Bringing a wealth of experience to the team, Rob has trained as both a builder and an Architectural Designer and successfully ran his own practice for many years. Luckily for us, he loves to share his knowledge and stories with the rest of the team, particularly if there is pinot to be consumed!

Over the years, Rob has become our resident expert in scoping damage and assisting in remediation planning for projects resulting from the Christchurch earthquakes which are definitely useful skills to have in the team. An accomplished outdoorsman, Rob is often found tramping in the high country or roaming the port hills on his mountain bike. Generous with his time and his knowledge, Rob is a handy man to have around.

Neville Allan

Senior Technician

As a lover of the outdoors Neville, along with his wife Vanessa and son Riley, takes every opportunity to explore New Zealand and experience all it has to offer. Bringing a wealth of experience from working in his native South Africa, Neville prides himself on ensuring a fair and just project for all involved, and isn’t afraid to step in to bat for clients to guarantee the best outcome for them.

Neville is in his element on site, it is where he learns the most, helping the project come together. Although he is not so fond of site visits during the cold Kiwi winter! With his many years of experience, Neville’s skills are utilized across a range of different projects, and he is always on hand to help with any IT issues we may experience in the office -very handy indeed! Like many others at CAA, Neville is interested in the passive house movement and plans to expand his knowledge, another skill to add to his already expansive repertoire.

A very handy guy to have in the office, Neville is always keen to offer advice, share his knowledge or convince you that biltong cake is delicious and worth a go!

Angela Allfrey

Administration and Accounts

As the wife of an architect, Ange finds it very hard to escape the world of architecture! It is lucky she appreciates good design, as most family holidays are centred around the architecture of the region they are visiting! An integral member of the CAA team, Ange maintains the financial health of the business; her lively South African temperament comes in handy from time to time! Ange is proud that the culture of CAA has always been (and continues to be) one of inclusiveness and, although juggling a hectic schedule with two busy daughters, Ange makes time to get involved in social events, especially if they involve cheese!

While it has been a bit of a journey, now that the Allfrey Family Bach is completed, Ange looks forward to many family holidays in Hanmer, playing backyard cricket and lounging in the sun. Excluding Boxing Day of course, which is permanently set aside for the Boxing Day cricket test! A fun and friendly person to have in the office, Ange is always up for a chat and a coffee and loves the opportunity to find out more about our diverse team.

Rod Pearson

Architectural Technician

An eager cyclist and a lover of the outdoors, Rod can often be found either wandering the hills with his wife Michaela and son Oscar in search of a magnificent view or riding around the city on the hunt for some good food. Although he may enjoy dining out and eating great food, Rod is rather adverse to actually cooking! He would prefer to hone his skills in the boxing ring, a new addition to his many talents!

With such a varied background, including mechanics and building, and a general interest in finding out how things work, Rod brings a lot of experience and practical knowledge to CAA. His passion and drive to achieve at a high level makes him an excellent asset. Rod is interested in the passive house movement and has been actively working towards gaining more competence in this area. He would also like to achieve his Design Licence in the future and has been steadily putting together his portfolio of work to help him get there.

Easy going and social, Rod enjoys the inclusive environment at CAA and is always up for a team building event, except when it involves cooking!

Andy Chisholm

Architectural Technician

An avid cyclist and a passionate supporter of motorcycling, it is safe to say most weekends Andy is either on a bike or watching them! Amongst his many other hobbies; reading, dining out with friends, watching movies, music and gardening, somehow Andy still finds time for regular weekend escapes with his wife Moira in their caravan. With a passion for learning, Andy is always finding ways to expand his expertise, both in the office and in his personal endeavours. His attention to detail and determination to achieve the best ensures Andy continuously produces quality work.

He is working hard towards achieving his Design Licence and ultimately, when this is accomplished, hopes to enjoy semi-retirement. Balancing work with his countless hobbies and perhaps spending more time traveling, both internationally and within New Zealand. When completing his architectural studies, Andy had already travelled extensively, and enjoyed the opportunity to combine his ‘real life’ experience with his training. He especially enjoyed the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the history of buildings he had already visited, helping him feel connected to his work and further increase his passion. A meticulous hard worker, Andy is an asset to our team. His ability to create delicious gluten free treats is just a bonus.

Ella Zhang

Architectural Technician

Ella loves to explore Christchurch and can often be found at her local markets, finding new food to try and making friends with the stall operators. She loves to spend time with friends, dining out and catching up, but always ensures she has time for some quiet meditation on her own to refresh her mind and improve her wellbeing. A high achiever, Ella is always looking for ways to enhance her skills and takes all opportunities she can to learn from others in the office. Although her work can sometimes be challenging, Ella takes great satisfaction in finding a solution and completing a job well done.

As she hunts for her first home, Ella has the chance to appreciate and familiarise herself with a variety of architecture styles and techniques. A bit of a free spirit, she strongly believes that anything that happens in life is a chance to learn, this is especially true living in a different country and engaging in the culture. Ella enjoys the social side of working at CAA and is always keen to get involved and experience something new.

Taylor-Jane Laws

Interior Designer

By the tender age of five, Taylor-Jane was already asking her mum to bring home real estate magazines for her to analyse. Spending hours at her desk, examining the photos, and redrawing the homes, improving them to reflect her own style.

Although she may have dropped this particular habit, Taylor-Jane finds it hard to turn her ‘interior design brain’ off and can’t help but scrutinize the layout of spaces when she’s out and about. Much to the annoyance of her partner who wants to enjoy a nice dinner out, just once, without hearing all the improvements Taylor-Jane would make to enhance the feeling of the space.

Growing up in a family with 5 siblings has ensured Taylor-Jane is no wallflower, bright, bubbly and confident in her abilities, her approachable personality ensures clients feel at ease discussing their interior design vision. She finds her role very satisfying, especially helping clients who aren’t necessary visual people, interpreting their words into a visual concept that reflects their aspirations.

Taylor-Jane is fascinated by the way a project comes together; different aspects, people and opinions all collaborate to form one cohesive design. Dedicated to producing the best outcome for her clients, Taylor-Jane loves the opportunity to work in a team environment where she can discuss possibilities and bounce ideas off others to ensure the best possible result.

Luke O’Neill

Architectural Technician

A keen outdoors man, Luke can regularly be found hiking or fly fishing, but most days you’ll find him surfing the local spots in Sumner. Spending his entire life living close to the water has definitely influenced Luke’s interests! From an early age, he was travelling around New Zealand, entering surfing competitions and building life-long friendships with like-minded people. Young and eager to learn, Luke is full of enthusiasm and takes every opportunity given to him. With such a diverse team at CAA, Luke feels lucky to have such a wide range of expertise working around him and takes any chance to learn what he can.

With big ambitions, Luke is working towards increasing his understanding of the architectural design process and hopes to one day step into a Senior Technicians role. As many who begin at CAA discover, Luke finds it difficult not to critique buildings he sees when out and about. Having an eye for detail, he notices the small things; if a junction looks awkward or the window placement is off, and can’t help but wonder how he could have done it better! We look forward to helping Luke progress through his career and develop into an accomplished architectural technician.

Angela Pennington

Architectural Graduate

An optimistic and passionate person, Ange is dedicated to reducing the impact she has on the planet. Her love for sustainability transcends all aspects of her life; influencing her work in architecture, at church and all together how she chooses to live her life with husband Chris. Ange definitely has a positive effect at CAA, implementing new sustainability initiatives and imparting her vast knowledge to rest of the team.

With her enthusiastic outlook, Ange brings a fresh new perspective to design meetings and, working in such a supportive environment, she isn’t afraid to bring her ideas to the table. Ange is passionate about Christchurch and feels privileged to be a part of rebuilding our beautiful city. She is keen to help shape Christchurch into the best version that it can be. Looking to the future, Ange hopes to combine her passion for the environment and for bespoke architecture and specialise in sustainable housing.

Although kept very busy with a number of projects on the go at once, Ange is never too busy to care for the CAA worm farm – one of her many environmentally friendly initiatives!!


Bill Mulholland

Architectural Technician

A builder by trade, Bill brings a wealth of practical experience to the CAA team. New to Christchurch, weekends are spent with his wife, Amy, exploring their new city and looking at sections for sale. One day Bill hopes to utilize his building and architecture skills to build their own home. For now, he gets his building ‘fix’ through various wood work projects and crafting furniture.

Always up for a challenge, Bill enjoys the opportunity to push himself in his work and is developing his abilities to work through complex and complicated detailing. He is looking forward to progressing his career and gaining more autonomy over projects. Bill’s building knowledge provides a unique perspective and allows him to approach his work holistically; finding solutions that work both architecturally and can be accomplished by the builder.

A calm and quiet soul, Bill is a welcome contrast to some of the large personalities we have at CAA, offering a level head in difficult situations.

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