Taylor-Jane Laws

Interior Designer

By the tender age of five, Taylor-Jane was already asking her mum to bring home real estate magazines for her to analyse. Spending hours at her desk, examining the photos, and redrawing the homes, improving them to reflect her own style.

Although she may have dropped this particular habit, Taylor-Jane finds it hard to turn her ‘interior design brain’ off and can’t help but scrutinize the layout of spaces when she’s out and about. Much to the annoyance of her partner who wants to enjoy a nice dinner out, just once, without hearing all the improvements Taylor-Jane would make to enhance the feeling of the space.

Growing up in a family with 5 siblings has ensured Taylor-Jane is no wallflower, bright, bubbly and confident in her abilities, her approachable personality ensures clients feel at ease discussing their interior design vision. She finds her role very satisfying, especially helping clients who aren’t necessary visual people, interpreting their words into a visual concept that reflects their aspirations.

Taylor-Jane is fascinated by the way a project comes together; different aspects, people and opinions all collaborate to form one cohesive design. Dedicated to producing the best outcome for her clients, Taylor-Jane loves the opportunity to work in a team environment where she can discuss possibilities and bounce ideas off others to ensure the best possible result.