Don Roy

Design Manager

A keen adventurer, Don fills his weekends with road trips into the bush, roaming around the Port Hills and taking his motorbike for a spin, accompanied by beloved dog Bruce. A man of many talents, Don is a whizz in the kitchen and most Sundays are dedicated to cooking for his partner and family, impressing them with new creations. Don brings a warmth and unique sense of humour to every situation, ensuring there is never a dull day in the office. Possessing unique creative talents, Don was destined to be involved in design. In fact, at four years old he dreamed of being an architect; either that or a train driver!

While fascinated by the entire architectural process, from pencil drawing to built-form, Don is in his element meeting the client, taking their brief, unpacking and interpreting their needs and creating a design. Filled with a passion for creative and unique architecture, Don’s designs demonstrate an understanding that what the client has asked for is not always what they want. Although the design process can be a long one, often with many variations and modifications, Don is always impressed by how often the first parti drawings can be seen so clearly in the finished product. With so much trust put in our designers, Don is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for our clients and feels privileged to be part of their design journey.