Abby Butler

Technical Manager

Raised in a small country town, Abby has maintained a close relationship with her tight knit family – values she is installing in her son. Although now living in the city, Abby is still very much at home on the family farm, helping her parents run their horse trekking business on weekends. An avid netballer, Abby now prefers the warmth of an indoor court on a weeknight so winter Saturdays can be spent watching both her son and her partner play rugby. Keen to explore the world, Abby has already spent time in USA, Australia and Fiji and her travel bucket list expands weekly. The architectural beauty of Rome remains top of the list and Abby is eager to make that travel dream a reality soon.

After beginning her career in architecture technology, Abby developed an appreciation for detail. Although she enjoys the entire process, from sketch to built-form, it is perfecting the details that is her obsession. The quality of the details can drastically change the end result, effecting whether the finished product is what the client originally envisaged. Abby enjoys the opportunity to fill the gaps between the design and technical team, ensuring the end product is what the designer intended. She takes great pride in sharing her work with her family, taking the time to point out projects she has been involved with throughout the city. Abby loves the thought that she is helping to shape Christchurch’s cityscape, providing new buildings that will be admired for many years to come.